Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pink and Yellow Bunnies

 I was looking at some pictures of dolls that I've made in the past and came across some bunnies that I had made around this time of year. Looking at them reminded me how much I miss sewing and creating. I decided that with the big blizzard we had this weekend that I would finish some sewing projects. Here are 2 very sweet but primitive bunnies in pastel pink and yellow. They were made from stained muslin that I coffee/vanilla/cinnamon stained for a time worn look. Their ears are wired so they can be bent or straightened. I hand stitched their face and whiskers. I added ric rac around the neck of their dresses. They are 16" not including their ears (21" from tip of ear to toe). I made them to either sit or hang. I love how they turned out...Yellow bunny is listed on Ebay. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday! Nancy

****Update: Bunnies have been sold...Thank you!****


  1. Love your dolls Nancy. I bought like 5 dolls from you a few years back. I have my own blog now.

    I got smart and started using the paypal button also. Sooo many fees on ebay and etsy. Anyway, I saw the Proud Airforce mom on here and was wondering where you got it. My daughter is also in the airforce and I would love to put that button on my blog. Thanks (and sorry for not using the email button but it wouldn't work on my computer. Who knows).

  2. your bunny was fantastic!!!! hugs cathy