Saturday, July 17, 2010

Evening Sky after the Rain

My son took these pictures last evening after the rains had stopped. The sky turned a beautiful orange color. This is the view out my front door...I thought it was so pretty, I had to share it...I'm sewing a custom annie for a very nice customer and hopefully making another annie before the weekend is over....Enjoy your weekend...Thanks for visiting~Nancy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Annies!

We've been getting unusually hot weather this Summer...the other day my car thermometer read 107 degrees! I love Summer, but even this is a little much for me!
I finally took time to make some annies, it seems like ages since I've sewed....I love how they turned out, very different from each other~ Homespun Annie is 16" tall, she's wearing a pretty barn red homespun dress with stained flannel apron. She has curly hair with 2 bows. She's $38 including postage to the U.S. Sweet Olde Annie is 12" tall and is very primitive. She's been stained and baked for a primitive, olde and worn look. Her face is all hand stitched. I added some sweet annie to her tag. She's $35 including postage to the U.S. Spring Flowers Annie is still available also. She's 16" tall with a pretty yellow dress and slip. She's $38 including postage also. Please contact me if you'd like details or to make a purchase...Thanks for visiting.....Nancy
*Update:the top 2 annies have been sold...Thank you!!*