Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally, time to post....and new Annies!

*Sold-Thank you!*
*Sold-Thank you!*
It's been a long time since I've posted anything...I finally had some time to take a few pictures of my flowers starting to bloom...I love this time of year. Everything is new again...the flowers and grass look renewed from the long winter. Here are a few pictures of my flowers just starting to bloom...I can't wait for the popies and flowers to open! The ants love the popies, and as much as I want to shoo them off, I've heard that they have to wander onto the buds to help them open! I managed to get a couple of Buddy our dog too...he's camera shy and never looks directly into the lens, so I was thrilled to get these shots of him!LOL
I have 2 dolls finished too....Watermelon Annie is 16" tall and Spring Bee Annie is 15" tall. You can click on their pictures to see close-up. They're $38 each which includes priority shipping. Please contact me by clicking on the link above if you'd like more details or to make a purchase....
Thanks for visiting....Nancy