Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Treasures

I havent' posted in a very long time...I'm taking a little break from making dolls and spent the past month or so making myself several tote bags. I don't usually sew for myself. This weekend's crafting project was needle felting these tiny little pumpkins and acorns. I've been admiring them on etsy and decided to make a few for myslef...they are so cute! The acorn tops are from my yard, the double one(tiny brown one in front) is my favorite....there are a couple of white pumpkins in the works but my needles broke...I think my wrist needs a little rest
The weather is turning colder here, we've had the wood stove going for a few days now....looks like Winter is on it's way...for now I'm enjoying the brisk Autumn air....thanks for visiting...