Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Annies!

We've been getting unusually hot weather this Summer...the other day my car thermometer read 107 degrees! I love Summer, but even this is a little much for me!
I finally took time to make some annies, it seems like ages since I've sewed....I love how they turned out, very different from each other~ Homespun Annie is 16" tall, she's wearing a pretty barn red homespun dress with stained flannel apron. She has curly hair with 2 bows. She's $38 including postage to the U.S. Sweet Olde Annie is 12" tall and is very primitive. She's been stained and baked for a primitive, olde and worn look. Her face is all hand stitched. I added some sweet annie to her tag. She's $35 including postage to the U.S. Spring Flowers Annie is still available also. She's 16" tall with a pretty yellow dress and slip. She's $38 including postage also. Please contact me if you'd like details or to make a purchase...Thanks for visiting.....Nancy
*Update:the top 2 annies have been sold...Thank you!!*


  1. beautiful work, love how those turned out, I sooo need to get to back in my sewing room LOL

  2. Love Love these Doll Nancy. The top photo is that the Raggedy Red Hemp? Holler if your getting low on hair. I have some new products for you to work with ~ Suzy Q

  3. Hey Suzy-thank you! Yes it is raggedy hemp, I love how it looks on her!!

  4. Love your dolls! I am a doll maker too. I think I remember you from new england primtive gathering forum. I used to belong but stopped. Got too busy. I also have a blog called lizziesraggsprimitives. Check me out sometime. Thanks, liz