Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vintage Annies

Tan annie is sold....Thank you!!

 I have 2 new annies for sale. They were made from primitive stained muslin. Pink annie is wearing a pink calico cotton dress with little flowers. Her apron is vintage linen with beautiful embroidery. Her bloomers were made from vintage linen also with a pink flower stitched on. Tan annie is wearing a tan and white calico cotton dress. Her apron is the same vintage embroidered linen, her bloomers are linen also(no stitching on hers). All fabrics were stained for a prim look. Both annies have wool hair that I hand dyed and needle felted on, they have hair on the back of their heads also. They are 17" tall and can sit or hang.  Please contact me if you are interested or would like more info. I also have 2 Autumn annies on etsy that I've marked down.

My son is home on leave...he just finished his tech school in TX and is home for a couple of weeks before heading to his new base in OK. We're all so happy to have him home! Thanks for visiting...Nancy

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  1. beautiful Annies! I alwasy love looking at your creations