Monday, January 3, 2011

It's been a while....

Happy New Year...Wishing you a blessed 2011

I have the day off today and realized I've been a bad blogger when I looked and saw pumpkins on my blog in's not for lack of projects to post....Since closing my business last year I've had time to explore several new crafting areas that I never had time for. My latest is knitting and I have to admit that I love it....I have always wanted to learn but not until a co-worker offered to teach me had I actually picked up a pair of knitting needles since grade school. I've been practicing on literally handfuls of scarves and am starting to move along to other projects. As I usually approach most things with near obsession, I now have a closet full of scarves and have been searching for organizations to knit for charity. My first project is the 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project. Details can be found here....
These are the 2 scarves I'll be mailing....

Of course I haven't totally abandoned sewing and made this cute holder for my needles and supplies(pink and tea dyed naturally)...and have found a new use for all the tote bags I made, they are great for holding works in process...

Here are a few of the other things that I've either completed or am still working on....

Wishing you a joyous and productive New Year....thank you for visiting...Nancy


  1. Hi Nancy: Love the scarves...and new uses for your bags. I do love your bags this your own pattern? I'm confused...did you stop making dolls (when you said you closed your business)?

  2. Hi Patti-Thank you for your comments...I still sew and make dolls for pleasure in my free time....

  3. Patti...about the bags, if you look on my previous post about the polka dot tote, I link to the pattern I adapted for these.

  4. It's good to hear from you Nancy!...Happy New Year!


  5. Yes it's fun to try new things. I too have been busy crocheting and some knitting this winter. It's something I can do while sitting in evening watching tv with hubby. Have a great week, and glad you're back blogging. Jo in MN

  6. Nancy lovely totes and scarves. Been knitting a storm for christmas and my nieces new baby due soon too.. Scarves are so simple and there are some great patterns out there to knit.. Try they have some freebies for just about anything knitted or crochet..

    Have fun knitting :)

  7. Hi Kaela! Thank you for visiting, I am a member of and have several of the yarn websites saved as favorites since they have a lot of free patterns on them too!
    Happy knitting~Nancy

  8. Happy New Year, Nancy! Funny, I just signed up for a beginner knitting class today and can't wait to get started. Looks like it will be a great break from sewing! Can't wait to see what else you knit! - Daphne