Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter & Everyday Annies!

Sold-Thank you!
Sold-Thank you!
Sold - thank you!
I finished up some new annies this between working and re-doing the playroom, it's been a very welcome break! We had a flood in the basement at the end of January and had to tear up the boys playroom. We're slowly putting it back together with painting and new carpeting. I'll be finishing the painting this weekend and hopefully the carpet will be installed by the end of the week! I'm very excited to see it finished! We're going to see Martina McBride and Trace Adkins tomorrow night, it will be a fun way to end the weekend! I'm not a huge country music fan, but my husband is...I'm looking forward to seeing Martina and love her song 'This One's for the Girls'!

I made some Easter annies in pretty pastel dresses with whimiscal themed borders. They're both 18" tall and are $43 each. Everyday, Spring annie is dressed in the sweetest print with bumble bees and dandylion puffs...the whispy balls that blow around with the wind....she's  almost 17" tall and is $38. Tiny 'my dolly' annie is dressed in primitive burgundy and tan homespuns. She's 12" tall and is $19. Prices include priority mail shipping to the U.S., payment with paypal. Please contact me if you'd like details or to make a purchase.
Thanks very much for visiting....enjoy the weekend! Nancy
Update- Both Everyday Annies and Blue Easter Annie have been sold-Thanks!!


  1. cute cute Annies! sorry to hear about the flood but it sounds like you're making the best of it and turning it into an opportunity to refresh and redecorate which is always fun!


  2. what sweet Annies, they are beautiful!


  3. Tus muñecas son hermosas, cariños desde San Juan Argentina.