Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Snow Day!

Here's the view from my front door

My lilac trees are touching the ground

Here are my lilacs in May...I can't wait to see them blooming again!

We woke up to a pretty blanket of snow this morning.....I got a wonderful surprise phone call saying my workplace was closed due to the snow! Needless to say, my thoughts immediately went to sewing....I had started these annies over the weekend and was able to finish them this morning....they're all 13" tall with painted/button faces and lightly weighted bottoms. I'll be adding buy now buttons later, but if you'd like to purchase or request details on any, please contact me. They're $34 each plus $5 priority shipping each....Thanks for visiting~Nancy
(Update: Annies have been sold~Thank you!!)


  1. What cute dolls and how pretty everything looks all covered in white!

    I am getting kinda cranky because our winter has kinda gone away for now and I'm not ready for it to be over! I'm pretty sure it'll be back though!

    I would love to purchase the Valentine Annie you have pictured above, she is precious!


  2. Your dolls are all so gorgeous and the snow is beautiful also! We had that at christmas time here and it is nice to look at but I prefer a sunny day with a bright flower garden to look at instead LOL :o)

  3. Hi Nancy~ You make the best dolls! They always make me smile~
    Suzy Q

  4. Nancy....Valentine Annie just arrived and she is so friggin cute I can hardly stand it! LOL

    Thank you!