Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiny Annies!

I've been working on orders this week and have a few finished up....these cute little annies are 9" tall and are ready to be sent to their new home!

I'm enjoying my new job and was very excited to learn that we have most of this week off for the Thanksgiving holiday! I'll spend some of the time sewing and baking, two of my favorite pastimes....Wishing everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving.....Nancy


  1. Wow Nancy You've been busy! I love your Annies!
    I hope you'll join me on Christmas with Annie Raggedy Blog Event :O)


  2. Your little girls are so very cute! So glad to hear you like your new job! Time off - my favorite thing! I hope you enjoy yours!

  3. They are all so precious! So very cute!